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Two tips for keeping your dog healthy

27 December 2017
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If you're a dog owner, here are some things you can do to ensure that your pet remains happy and healthy. Don't ignore seemingly minor injuries If your dog sustains an injury, it is absolutely vital to have your vet examine them, even if the injury appears to be quite minor. The reason for this is as follows; many seemingly small injuries can either cause major, life-threatening illnesses or can be an indication of a serious underlying condition. Read More …

Things Should Should Know About Spaying an Adult Cat

16 August 2017
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There are plenty of reasons a female cat may have reached adulthood without getting spayed. It's often because the cat has been used to produce a couple of litters, or it could simply be that they were a stray before being picked up by an animal shelter. In any case, it's well worth having an older cat spayed because the likelihood of certain types of cancer, especially breast cancer, rises and the risks associated with pregnancy become more serious. Read More …

5 Ways to Prevent Canine Stress During Firework Displays

17 May 2017
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There aren't many dogs that enjoy the loud noises made by fireworks, and there are plenty of dogs that truly hate hearing them. This can actually be quite serious; noise phobia in dogs is not uncommon, and it can lead to a significant level of canine stress. That's not something that's healthy for your dog, and it's something that any concerned owner is going to want to avoid.  Here are just five tips you can follow to help your dog out during fireworks. Read More …

Is It Necessary To Worm An Indoor Cat?

12 January 2017
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If you own an indoor cat, you may think that he doesn't need worming. After all, if your cat doesn't ever go outside, how can he possibly be exposed to the risk of worms? Actually, your pet is at risk of contracting worms and you should worm him regularly. Read on for more helpful information on worms and your indoor cat. How Your Indoor Cat Could Get Worms There are a number of ways in which your cat could be exposed to worms. Read More …

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