Critical Veterinary Care for Your Fluffy Family Members

Is It Necessary To Worm An Indoor Cat?

12 Jan

If you own an indoor cat, you may think that he doesn’t need worming. After all, if your cat doesn’t ever go outside, how can he possibly be exposed to the risk of worms? Actually, your pet is at risk of contracting worms and you should worm him regularly. Read on for more helpful information […]

Uncovering issues with your cat’s ears due to mites

2 Aug

Cats rely heavily on their ears for balance and hearing. Cats can easily contract ear mites from casual contact between cats. Ear mites can cause a range of issues to the cat’s ears and hearing. Keep reading to learn more about the signs, symptoms, and treatment of cat ear mites.  What are ear mites? Ear […]

Tips for Recognizing and Removing Ticks From Your Dog

27 Jun

If you find a small insect attached to your dog’s skin, it might be a tick. These can be anywhere outside, though are more prevalent in woody areas. Here are some tips for knowing when your dog has a tick and instructions on how to remove it. Why Ticks Are a Problem First of all, […]

Don’t Let Them Fight Like Cats & Dogs! How To Introduce Your New Kitty to Your Resident Pooch

8 Mar

You may be happy about getting a kitten, but that doesn’t mean your old and faithful dog will be. When you bring your new furry friend home from the cat adoption center, the last thing you want is for a fight to break out. Fights between unfamiliar pets can be dangerous, or even fatal, for […]

Is Your Dog Diabetic?

31 Dec

Diabetes in dogs is quite a common disease, with female and obese animals being most at risk. So what signs should you look out for, what can your vet do to help, and what can you do to manage the condition? Read on to find out more.  What is diabetes? Diabetes mellitus is a disease […]

Corneal Ulcers And Your Dog

10 Dec

If you notice your dog squinting or pawing at his eyes, he could be suffering from corneal ulcers.  But what causes this condition, and how can your vet help?  Read on to find out more. What are corneal ulcers? The cornea is the transparent, protective outer layer of the dog’s eye.  Its function is to […]

Oral Health Tips For Your Pet Rabbit

5 Dec

Rabbits can suffer from oral health problems, just like other companion animals.  But rabbits don’t just use their teeth for eating; they’re used for grooming, exploring their environment, marking territory and expressing mood.  That’s why it’s vital that you keep your bunny’s teeth in good condition.  Unlike human teeth, rabbits’ teeth grow continually during their […]

How to Protect Your Dog from Cane Toad Poison

3 Dec

The cane toad was originally introduced to Australia in a misguided effort to control the sugar cane beetle, but the species soon spread. It is now regarded as a major pest and is endemic across Eastern Australia. Cane toads cause a number of problems, and they’re also extremely poisonous. Dogs are a common victim, so […]

Chihuahuas And Ear Infections: Advice For Owners

20 Nov

The Chihuahua is an increasingly popular breed with Australian dog lovers, particularly for people who want a toy dog that can live comfortably in a city centre apartment. While most people admire the Chihuahua for its tiny proportions, many of these animals have large, erect ears, which can make the breed susceptible to an ear […]

Dangers Involved in Letting Your Cat Outside

13 Nov

One decision new cat owners will have to grapple with is whether they should let their cat outside or not. Cats do like stretching their legs, but going outside can be dangerous for their health in a number of ways. Of course, situations will vary from location to location, but owners should remember that keeping […]