Critical Veterinary Care for Your Fluffy Family Members

Have you adopted your first pet ever? Learn more about the basic care and necessary veterinarian services your pet will require.

How to Protect Your Dog from Cane Toad Poison

3 December 2015
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The cane toad was originally introduced to Australia in a misguided effort to control the sugar cane beetle, but the species soon spread. It is now regarded as a major pest and is endemic across Eastern Australia. Cane toads cause a number of problems, and they're also extremely poisonous. Dogs are a common victim, so here's everything you need to know to ensure that your pooch remains protected. Understand the Risks Read More …

Chihuahuas And Ear Infections: Advice For Owners

20 November 2015
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The Chihuahua is an increasingly popular breed with Australian dog lovers, particularly for people who want a toy dog that can live comfortably in a city centre apartment. While most people admire the Chihuahua for its tiny proportions, many of these animals have large, erect ears, which can make the breed susceptible to an ear infection. Learn more about the symptoms of this condition, and find out what you may need to do to fix the problem. Read More …

Dangers Involved in Letting Your Cat Outside

13 November 2015
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One decision new cat owners will have to grapple with is whether they should let their cat outside or not. Cats do like stretching their legs, but going outside can be dangerous for their health in a number of ways. Of course, situations will vary from location to location, but owners should remember that keeping their cat indoors will remove them from several threats, such as the following. Getting Hit by Cars Read More …

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Critical Veterinary Care for Your Fluffy Family Members

I recently adopted my first dog and learned how much I care for this creature. While the relationship is different than any I have ever had with a human, I can't say I love my dog any less. In fact, in many ways, I love my dog more than I have ever loved anyone before. As a result, I take his veterinary care very seriously. I have spent months researching veterinary care for both dogs and cats, and I want to share that info here in case you need help with your furry family members. Please, get comfortable, have your fluffy little one curl up in your lap and start exploring. I hope these posts help you keep your dog or cat safe and healthy.