Two tips for those who'll be using their vet's pet grooming services

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Two tips for those who'll be using their vet's pet grooming services

21 February 2023
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Here are two tips that people should follow when using their vet's pet grooming services.

They should tell the vet clinic's groomer about their pet's quirks

It's important for anyone who'll be taking their pet to a new groomer to tell that groomer about their pet's quirks. This could help the groomer to keep the animal calm when they're being groomed. For example, if a person informs a veterinary clinic groomer that their cat dislikes having their paws touched, but finds it soothing to have their ears gently rubbed, then the groomer might decide to use an extra-light touch when handling that cat's paws during the claw-trimming and paw-washing processes. Furthermore, if they notice that the cat seems to be getting stressed at any point, they would know to gently rub their ears to calm them down.

Similarly, if a person tells their new groomer that their dog prefers quiet environments and is at their calmest (and, therefore, easiest to handle) when they're in a peaceful setting, the groomer might turn off any music they normally play in the background whilst they're working and might even use a soft fabric headband to temporarily cover the dog's ears, in order to muffle the sounds made by their electric nail grinding tool or the hairdryer. This could make the pet grooming process nicer for the dog and much easier for the groomer.

They should research the types of 'haircut' styles that can be given to their pet

Anyone who'll be using a vet clinic's pet groomer services should also research the types of haircut styles that can be given to their pet. If a cat owner researches the difference between, for example, a 'teddy bear' and a 'lion' haircut before they make this appointment, they'll have time to consider which of these they'd prefer and which might be more suitable for their cat. If for example, they allow their cat to go outdoors a lot and they often get dirt matted into the fur on their back due to lying down on the lawn, then the owner might decide to ask the groomer for a teddy bear haircut. This would ensure the fur on the cat's torso and legs would be short enough to prevent lots of dirt from getting trapped in it.

Conversely, if a person's dog has been diagnosed with dermatitis by their vet, they may, after reviewing different types of dog haircuts online, decide to ask the pet groomer to do a basic 'puppy trim', where the hair is trimmed so that it's the same length all over, and not too much is removed from any one area. This would give the dog a neat and tidy appearance, whilst still ensuring that its sensitive, sore skin would still be protected by some hair.

Doing this research before their pet's grooming appointment will also mean that the groomer, after receiving the request for a specific haircut style at the time the person books the appointment, will be able to give the person an accurate estimate of how long the appointment will need to be. This is because certain types of haircuts are more complicated than others and may, therefore, take more time.

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