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2 Reasons Why Your Dog Might Need an Ultrasound

21 October 2022
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If you're a pet owner, you know that your furry friend is like family. When they're not feeling well, it's natural to want to do everything you can to help them feel better.  An ultrasound is a diagnostic tool that can help determine what's wrong with your pet. Ultrasounds use sound waves to create images of the inside of your pet's body. Your veterinarian may recommend an ultrasound if they suspect your pet has a health condition that could be helped with this type of imaging. Read More …

Top Signs You Should Look for a Veterinary Specialist for Your Pet

27 July 2022
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If you have pets, then you might be used to taking them to a regular veterinarian in your area. You might have found that you can count on your regular veterinary to help you with lots of different types of care that your pet needs. However, there are times when pet owners should look for veterinary specialists. These are some of the top signs that you might need to look for a veterinary specialist as a pet owner. Read More …

Trick Knees in Dogs: Not a Trick You Want Your Dog to Learn

29 March 2022
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Does your dog know any tricks? Even if you haven't taught them any, their knees might know some. Luxating patella (informally known as a trick knee) is a condition that a fair number of dogs may experience, although smaller (toy) dogs are often more susceptible. The so-called trick isn't that impressive. Essentially, the patella (kneecap) moves out of its standard position (known as luxation). How would you know if your dog has a luxating patella? Read More …

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