Health Problems Your Dog Groomer Can Identify

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Health Problems Your Dog Groomer Can Identify

26 March 2021
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You may wonder whether it's worth paying for a dog groomer, but there's more to a grooming appointment than a shampoo and haircut. Your groomer will include a basic health check as part of their service. This involves visually inspecting your dog and running their hands over your dog's body. They will check for lumps and look for any signs of an infection in your dog's ears, eyes and mouth. If they notice anything of concern, they will let you know and you can have your dog checked over by your vet.

If you have a large breed or a longhaired breed, you may struggle to check them over thoroughly yourself, but groomers are experienced at dealing with all types of dogs and they also know what to look for when checking a dog over. Read on to learn about some of the health problems your dog groomer can identify.

Abnormal Growths

Like humans, dogs can develop tumours and cysts, and abnormal growths can develop in hard-to-spot places, such as in the armpit and groin area. Abnormal growths are often benign, but this shouldn't be assumed. Growths can also cause your dog discomfort, particularly if they are on an area of your dog's body that could make walking or lying down uncomfortable. When a growth is spotted, your vet should be notified. They will examine your dog and determine the cause and best course of treatment.

Splaying Of The Feet

Splaying of the feet can occur when your dog's nails are too long, which can be hard to spot when the hair on their feet is overgrown. Splaying of the feet is a painful condition that puts pressure on your dog's delicate paw pads and their leg muscles. The additional pressure on their paws leaves them susceptible to skin damage, and their paws can quickly become infected when the skin is broken. Keeping the hair around your dog's feet trimmed and their nails short will ensure any foot problems are spotted quickly. Your dog groomer will check your dog's paws thoroughly when trimming their nails and hair.

Bacterial Skin Infections

It's not easy to spot skin problems on longhaired dogs, but bacterial skin infections are relatively common. You may not realise your dog has a minor cut or scratch, but when their skin is broken bacteria can easily enter the wound and cause an infection to develop. Skin abrasions and infections are easier to spot when your dog is being shampooed, as your groomer will part their hair into sections to ensure their hair and skin is thoroughly cleaned. Infections should be treated with antibiotics, so you'll need to schedule a vet appointment if your dog has a skin infection.

Any potential health problems that are identified by your groomer should be investigated by your vet. Your dog groomer plays a key role in maintaining your dog's wellbeing, so don't make the mistake of underplaying their value. Contact a local pet grooming facility to learn more.

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