Essential Considerations When Looking for a Puppy School

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Essential Considerations When Looking for a Puppy School

24 June 2021
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If you recently acquired a puppy, you should think about enrolling them in a puppy school. It is a facility where pet trainers teach puppies obedience and how to socialise with other pets. A puppy school is also beneficial since you learn to curb behavioural issues, choose appropriate rewards and communicate with your pet. That said, you should be choosy when picking a puppy school because a lot rides on your decision. This article highlights essential considerations when looking for a puppy school.

Vaccination Policy

A common aspect regarding puppy schools is the constant interaction among pups. Naturally, puppies lick, climb and bite each other during introductory classes. If one of the puppies in a class is sick, the close contact contributes to disease spread. Thus, the puppy school you want to enrol your pet in must have a strict vaccination policy even if they maintain a clean environment. For instance, a safe puppy school should only enrol puppies that have received all or some of the required vaccinations. Moreover, a vaccination certificate must be part of the requirements for enrolling pets in the school. Besides vaccinations, a puppy school should ensure that all pets are free of fleas and worms.

Puppy Training Homework

When your pet begins puppy school, they will work with a qualified trainer. Although an experienced trainer will help your puppy to learn fast, it is recommended that training continues at home. It is the reason you need to look for a puppy school whose trainers issue puppy homework. It includes activities that you should complete with your dog before the next class. The best part is that you can record your homework and present it to a pet trainer at the school. A trainer will review the recording and provide real-time feedback on what you are doing wrong or right. 

Accepts Different Dog Breeds 

Unless you plan to lock your puppy indoors all the time, they will naturally interact with different dog breeds in the neighbourhood during walks or at the park. Therefore, the last thing you want is a puppy that is aggressive or afraid of other dogs regardless of size. A puppy school can help prepare your pet well for social situations. However, the training is only effective if classes comprise of different dog breeds. Such classes expose your puppy to different dog breeds as early as possible, improving comfort amid other furry friends at the park.

Look for a puppy school in your area. 

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