It's Time For A Fix: 4 Benefits To Having Your Pet Desexed

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It's Time For A Fix: 4 Benefits To Having Your Pet Desexed

6 December 2021
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If you own a pet and you haven't had them desexed yet, now's the time to schedule an appointment for veterinary services. You might not realise this, but having your pet desexed can provide many benefits for your pet and for you. Here are just four of those benefits for you to consider. 

Give Your Pet a Relaxing Life

If your pet is still intact, you need to consider their quality of life. You might think that they're better off having not been desexed, but that's not necessarily the case. In fact, they could be leading a more stressful life because they're intact. When pets are intact, they're constantly trying to satisfy their primal need for mating. Once you have your pet desexed, they'll no longer be controlled by that primal need, which means they'll be able to relax and enjoy their life. 

Improve Your Relationship

If your pet hasn't been desexed yet, you might want to consider the relationship you have with it. This is especially important if your pet acts out when they're trying to mate. Some pets may become more aggressive and destructive during certain times of the month, while others will mark their territory by spraying furniture and other objects. Unfortunately, those behaviours can affect the relationship you have with your pet. Luckily, once you have your pet desexed, those unwanted behaviours will no longer be a problem. 

Eliminate Household Odors

If you haven't had your pet desexed yet, your home may not smell as fresh and clean as it should. Female pets can leave a very distinctive odour in the home, especially when they're in heat. Not only that, but the odour from the sprays can also leave your home with a foul odour. That's where pet desexing comes into the picture. When pets are desexed, they no longer emit those foul odours. As an added benefit, because your pet will no longer spray the area to mark their territory, you won't be bothered by that odour either. As a result, your home will smell fresh and clean. 

Avoid Unwanted Litters

Finally, if your pet hasn't been desexed yet, you need to consider the effect that will have on the unwanted pet population. You might think that since your pet never goes outside alone, there's no risk of an unwanted pregnancy, but that might not be the case. You never know when your pet is going to escape from the house or when a guest is going to bring their own desexed pet around. The best way to prevent the unwanted litters is to have your pet desexed as soon as possible. For more information about pet desexing, contact a veterinarian. 

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